Given the fact that Lustrelab® Marine BoatWash & Shine can be used on all of your boat's surfaces and materials, one might expect there to be complicated instructions to follow. However, in reality, it's extremely easy to use. Following are step-by- step instructions for use. Adhering to these simple steps, will ensure that your boat is not only clean, but that it shines like it just came off the showroom floor.

1) Step-by-Step Instruction: How to use Lustrelab® Marine BoatWash & Shine

2) Pour approximately 3-4 oz. of Lustrelab® Marine BoatWash & Shine (BW&S) into an empty bucket. Add 1-1.5 gallons of cold or warm water and MIX THOROUGHLY. (Large boats may require additional buckets of mix)

3) Rinse area to be washed with cold water using our Hi-Tech® Industries, Industrial Spray Nozzle.

4) APPLY EVENLY with one of our Captain's Choice™; Sponges, Wash Mitt's, Brushes and/or Towels. It may also be applied with our Hi-Tech® Industries,  High-Pressure Foam Cannon attachment on a pressure washer.

5) Start at the top of the boat or on the deck and WASH FROM TOP TO BOTTOM (or Front to Back on the deck), ONE SECTION AT A TIME.

6) RINSE each section VERY WELL with cold water until ALL suds are gone.
Do not allow product to dry on the boat before rinsing or streaking/spots may occur. (If this takes place, re-wash the area.)

7) For stubborn stains, developed over time, like scum lines or algae stains on the interior or exterior, use a small amount of full-strength BW&S and rub it in with a light or medium scrub pad. Allow it to sit on the stain for 10-15 minutes. Scrub and rinse well. Repeat procedure if necessary.

8) Towel drying is the preference of the craft owner. However, the “Sheeting Effect” created by BW&S will all but eliminate the need for towel drying.
Lustrelab® Marine BoatWash & Shine is safe for all surfaces. 

    Notice: BW&S will remove light oxidation as well as old, oxidized, damaged paint; which may actually dull the surface. For boats with this condition, test a small area before washing the entire boat. While BW&S, if used regularly, will protect your boat from the elements which cause oxidation, it cannot reverse the dulling effects of oxidation, once they've occurred.

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