Boat Wash and Shine Affiliate Program

Earn Money From Selling The World Best Boat Soap

Earn Money From Selling The World Best Boat Soap At Boat Wash and Shine, we know the power of a good recommendation—and we want to make it easy to earn money for yours. Monetize your content with minimal effort using trackable links from our trusted third-party affiliate network partner: ShareASale.

Boat Affiliate Program How Works

How It Works

Boat Wash and Shine Affiliate Commissions are set up so you earn a commission on every sale you make. The person even does not have to purchase right now. If they come back in the next 30 days and buy something you still get paid.

boatwashandshine affiliate program

Made for Small Business Owners and Social Media Influencers Like You

Simple, beautiful, and super easy to use, Boat Wash and Shine helps small business owners and social media influencers get paid faster and save up to 200 hrs a year on paperwork. Your network will join over 24 million users who already love our solution.

Link it and Leave it

No special skills required. Post your FreshBooks affiliate link anywhere and start earning income, whether it’s a blog, article, social media account, forum, or in an email to your network.

boatwashandshine affiliate program


Frequently Asked Questions:

How long does it take to get approved for the FreshBooks Affiliate Program?
If you’re already an active affiliate with our network ShareASale, processing your application takes 1-2 business days. If you’re not currently an approved ShareASale affiliate, we won’t be able to see your application until they approve you. This process usually takes about 2-3 business days. NOTE: if ShareASale doesn’t approve your application, we won’t see your application. If this is the case, you can appeal their decision via

How can I work with Boat Wash and Shine as an affiliate if ShareASale doesn’t approve me?
Unfortunately, we don’t have another method for you to join our affiliate program if ShareASale doesn’t accept your application.


Why did FreshBooks deny my affiliate application?
While we’d like to accept everyone into our program, at this time we are unable to partner with you if:

  • While we’d like to accept everyone into our program, at this time we are unable to partner with you if:
  • b. Your audience isn’t a good fit for our software. Your site should make it clear that you help service-based business owners, freelancers, and aspiring businesses with your content and services.
  • c. Your website is coming soon or produces a security error message. To verify who you are and what your site is about, we can’t approve your application until your site is fully launched. Please re-apply or email us when you’re ready for us to take another look.
  • d. If the above doesn’t apply to you, or you still have questions about your application being denied, please reach out via sales@boatwashandshine. Include your affiliate ID, website URL, and how you plan on promoting FreshBooks, and we’ll take a second look.


What currency will I be paid in?
The Boat Wash and Shine affiliate program pays in USD. ShareASale also processes affiliate payments (for our program and all others) in USD.
If you are located outside of the United States, we recommend choosing direct deposit as your payment type under Payment Settings in ShareASale if it’s available in your country. That way, the USD payment will be converted to your country’s currency upon deposit. If you choose the check option as your payment type, keep in mind your mailed check may be subject to longer clearing times and/or fees when deposited at your bank.

boatwashandshine affiliate program

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