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Boat Wash and Shine is a fresh face to the U.S. Marine market, however, Lustrelab® has been selling the proprietary formula that makes up, Lustrelab® Marine BoatWash & Shine, outside of the U.S., for a number of years.

Our mission, in launching BoatWashandShine, was to simplify the lives of our customers, via our products and services. By offering a selection of quality cleaning and detailing products and equipment, alongside our signature Acrylionic® BoatWash & Shine formula, we endeavor to provide a single source for quality detailing products and equipment.

As luck would have it, the stars aligned in 2020, with the boating industry showing record growth, in the wake of COVID19. The timing could not be more perfect and we are ecstatic to introduce our unique All-in-One BoatWash & Shine product to the U.S. Boating Industry. Lustrelab® Marine BoatWash & Shine is made in the USA and available exclusively via BoatWashandShine. In addition, we offer a variety of carefully chosen, high quality Brushes, Sponges, Microfiber Towels, Nozzles, and other cleaning essentials.

The thing that truly sets us apart from our competition, however, is the fact that Lustrelab® Marine BoatWash & Shine’s All-in-One formula will wash and shine your boat from top to bottom, eliminating the need for waxing, and additional cleaning products. Our proprietary Acrylionic® formula was developed to save you time and money, while delivering an unparalleled wash and shine, that improves with every use.

BoatWash & Shine is committed to providing exceptional products and services. We highly encourage customer feedback, and will do everything that we can to meet, if not exceed, our customer’s expectations. It is our pledge, as well as our pleasure, to provide the utmost product quality, delivery and customer service.

We look forward to serving you for years to come!

5 in 1 Boat Wash & Shine

boat-soapUnlike many boat soaps on the market, Lustrelab® Marine BoatWash & Shine cleans all of your boats surfaces. Actively removes the following ...

  • Black Streaks
  • Salt Build-Up
  • Oil and Films
  • Grease
  • Bird and Bug Stains
  • Tree Sap
  • Brown Scum and Algae

acrylionicNever wax your boat again! Lustrelab® Marine BoatWash & Shine's proprietary chemistry combines cleaning soap with Acrylionic® polish eliminating, the need to wax your boat.

  • The Acrylionic® formula fortifies and renews the current protective coating with each wash.
  • When applied to Boats that are not severely oxidized or damaged, the protection and shine will improve with each wash.
  • Our Acrylionic® polish is superior to Wax, which sits on the surface and quickly wears away after its application.
  • Lustrelab® Marine adds an acrylic coating that bonds to the boat's gelcoat, and various other surfaces, and improves the level of shine with each wash.
  • Download the scientific explanation PDF that proves this effect.

No Need To Towel DryPatented Acrylionic® formula creates a sheeting action, eliminating water beads which can capture dirt and create water spots. This sheeting affect also eliminates the need for Towel Drying.

Eco-Friendly and Safe For The EnvironmentLustrelab® BoatWash & Shine is Environmentally Friendly. Tested and certified safe, in the water and on a variety of surfaces.

  • Certified Safe for use in the Water
  • Safe for use on Fiberglass, Gelcoat and Clearcoat
  • Safe for use on Aluminum and Steel
  • Safe for use on Coated Wood and Teak Surfaces
  • Safe for use on Glass Surfaces
  • Safe for use on Plastic and Vinyl Surfaces

Apply Boat Wash and Shine With a Foam Cannon attached to a Pressure WasherWashing larger boats and yachts can be an incredibly daunting task. Lustrelab®'s patented, thick formula is perfect for use in a High-Pressure Foam Cannon. The Foam Cannon can cover large surfaces quickly and efficiently, substantially reducing the labor required for a large project.

The thick foam produced by Lustrelab® Marine Boat Wash and Shine is ideal for use on salt buildup, dirt and grime, as it breaks down the contaminates, thus cutting down on the amount of scrubbing required.

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Washing Mitts & Sponges

Our wide selection of boat washing mitt's and heavy sponge and triple action groomer, hold large amounts of soapy water and effectively clean various surfaces . Microfiber and Zorb-It Pro towels cover your drying and polishing needs.

Foam Cannon & Nozzle

We offer a heavy duty, professional grade spray nozzle, as well as a foam cannon which, when used with a pressure washer, cuts down significantly on wash time.

Washing Brushes

The variety of sizes and shapes of our boat brushes allow for cleaning your boats hull as well as its deck and hard to reach surfaces. We offer both firm and soft bristle brushes.
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Boat Cleaning SuppliesBoat Soap and Polish/Wax

Lustrelab® Marine Boat Wash & Shine, 1 Gallon Boat Soap

Limited Time Offer - Buy a Quart and Get a High Retention Boat Washing Sponge FREE! Item Added to cart Automatically.  Lustrelab® Marine BoatWash & Shine Acrylionic® Polish does everything you...
$104.99 $99.99
Boat Cleaning SuppliesBoat Washing and Drying

Captain's Choice™, Microfiber Chenille Boat Wash Mitt ICM-MCM-911

Captain's Choice™ ICM-MCM-911 boat washing mitt is made of plush ultra soft microfiber chenille and features an elastic cuff to stay on your hand while cleaning. The super-absorbent, super-soft, microfiber chenille...
Boat Cleaning SuppliesBoat Soap and Polish/Wax

Lustrelab® Marine BoatWash & Shine, 1 Quart Boat Washing Soap

Limited Time Offer - Buy a Quart and Get a High Retention Boat Washing Sponge FREE! Item Added to cart Automatically.  Lustrelab® Marine BoatWash & Shine Acrylionic® Polish does everything you...
$34.99 $32.99
Boat Cleaning BrushesBoat Cleaning Supplies

Captain's Choice™, Deluxe Soft Boat Washing Brush ICM-750

Captain's Choice™ deluxe, soft boat washing and detailing brush. The deluxe M-750 boat hull and deck brush features 3 inch soft bristles attached to a protective upper bumper block which...

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