Testimonial Lustrelab Boat Wash And Shine Cleans Boat Decks And Floor

“Hi I am Keri LeCair cleaning a 2019 Helix Moomba and I have a new product I am going to try out and review. We are going to clean up this floor which is badly stained. The product I am using is Lustrelab Marine Boat Wash and Shine. I guess it is supposed to be good for any type of product on a boat, but the floor is what I am really going to concentrate on. So, I am going to do a couple of videos of before and after and we will see how it comes out.”

Clean Boat Deck Before and After Using Boat Wash & Shine

As you can see the floors before were very dirty as she said. After applying Lusterlab Marine Boat Wash and Shine and some elbow grease using a deck scrubbing brush the floors look fantastic! You can really see the color in the floor now. Also check out  how much the white and black floor outline contrast with each other. We want to thank Anchors Away Boat Detailing, https://www.anchorsawayboatdetailing.com/ , for sharing this video with us at Boat Wash and Shine!

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