Marine Boat Wash & Shine Cleans and Protects Every Part Of Your Boat

Using Lustrelab® Marine Boat Wash & Shine, we washed a 12-year-old, 24 – foot, Sea Hunt center console on a trailer. It had not been washed/waxed in over 3 years. It had been in both fresh and salt water frequently during this time. The boat’s exterior surface was slightly dull and lightly oxidized. The craft had some deep scratches related to poor docking/care. The PVC decking was stained and had black streaks. The aluminum and steel railings were lightly oxidized and dull.

Normally it would take 2-3 people, 4-5 hours using multiple cleaners, stain removers, waxes, polishes, aluminum and steel cleaners, glass cleaner, etc. to detail this vessel. Three boaters completed the entire job in 2 hours, using only Lustrelab® Marine BoatWash & Shine.

We began by following the Directions, for using BW&S. In this case, we started with the exterior. The directions emphasize mixing well and rinsing well, as a key item. We thoroughly mixed, according to the directions, 3-4 ounces of BW&S and 1-1.5 gallons of water, in a bucket. We divided the boat into sections,  then rinsed each section very well. We used a long handled, medium bristle brush to clean the areas. It worked great and the before and after pictures reveal a drastic improvement in the shine! (add video or pics). We used 2 buckets of mix.

Scum and algae line before Boat Wash and Shine Scum and algae lineAfterBoat Wash and Shine

Washing The Boat Hull

The hull was a standard fiberglass, gel coated surface. Boat exterior paint color was black, which readily shows dirt and oxidation (damage from sun fade, acid rain, and salt). The BW&S, with its Acrylionic® formula, coated and renewed the surface, while cleaning and shining all surfaces very effectively. It efficiently removed the light oxidation and increased the shine. When it cam time to rinse, the water sheeting effect was very noticeable. Towel drying was not needed. (pictures or video of water sheeting)

There was an extremely heavy brown scum line, that had developed over many years. We applied the BW&S on the scum line, full strength, and rubbed it in very well with a heavy scrub pad. We let it sit for 10-15 minutes to dissolve the stain. It removed about 75% of the stain. Note: Boats, with these heavy stain conditions, may require a harsh scum removing chemical.

 Once removed, BW&S used regularly will coat and protect, preventing the scum line from penetrating and staining the surface in the future.

Rear Of Boat Before Boat Wash and Shine Rear Boat After Boat Wash and Shine


Boat Hull Before Boat Wash and Shine Boat Hull After Boat Wash and Shine

Cleaning the Boat's Flooring & Railing

The flooring was a standard coated, white PVC structure. It had stains, black streaks and grease spots. We used a deck brush on most of the decking and it cleaned up well. Using a stiffer cleaning brush, we easily removed the black streaks.

The aluminum and steel railings were dull and lightly oxidized. BW&S, used with a sponge, on all of the tubing and railings, cleaned and handily removed the oxidation and delivered a mirror shine finish.

Boat deck before Boat Wash and Shine Boat deck After Boat Wash and Shine

Cleaning the Boat's Vinyl Seats

The vinyl seats had black and brown stains and some mold and mildew on them. We used the deck brush and a smaller medium bristle brush to clean them. The BW&S cleaned quite well, with the exception of the heavy mold and mildew. We took some full-strength BW&S, brushed it on these stains and let it sit for 10- 15 minutes. This loosened and removed the vast majority of the deeply embedded mold and mildew stains.

We used the same mix, with a sponge, to wash the dirty, salt coated and stained plastic, PVC and glass control panel. The BW&S did an amazing job cleaning and shining these surfaces as well!

Vinyl Seats Before Boat Wash and Shine Vinyl Seats After Boat Wash and Shine


Cleaning the Boat's Engine Cover

The Yamaha 250 engine’s coated paint was slightly oxidized and dull. The BW&S cleaned and shined the engine surface brilliantly and renewed its protection. The lower part of the engine, including the steel prop, shined liked a mirror. This stuff works great on aluminum and steel!

Boat Engine Cover Before Boat Wash and Shine Boat Engine Cover Afetr Boat Wash and Shine



This product is unbelievably easy to use, when compared to the vast array of traditional products required for cleaning and waxing a large boat. We did this job with one product; in half the time it would have taken had we gone the traditional route. The fact that it cleaned and shined all of the surfaces, simplified the job immensely.

Boat-Shine-Meter-Before-AfterIt replaced the majority of products and equipment we normally would have purchased, which saved time and money! The BW&S formula renewed the Sea Hunt's protective gelcoat and increased the shine dramatically. We used a shine /gloss meter test before and after to prove what our eyes were seeing. This meter measures the light reflecting off the surface and gives it a numerical score. A high number relates to a high level of shine. New boats usually read 95 or better. We noticed, on the black paint, how the product removed the light, white colored oxidation which was dulling the paint. It coated and shined the surface via a simple wash!

If you use this product regularly, on a new or well-maintained boat, it will keep it looking new and prevent heavy staining and damage from occurring over time. Not only will this keep your boat looking fantastic, it will protect your investment, should you decide to sell your boat in the future.

The 5-in-1 Boat Soap and Wax Product

1) Washes and cleans all surfaces.

2) Acrylionic® Chemical Formula Coats, Renews, Protects and Shines.

3) Produces a Water Sheeting effect, which repels dirt and eliminates the need for Towel Drying.

4) Environmentally Friendly. Wash in or out of water. Gentle and easy to use.

5) High-viscosity, proprietary formula makes it perfect for use with a high -pressure Foam Cannon attachment. (can also be mixed in a bucket)

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