Boat Washing 101

A boat is a MAJOR INVESTMENT. In order to maintain the value of that investment, you'll want to take a number of factors into consideration. Using Boat WashandShine's signature product -  Lustrelab® Marine BoatWash & Shine and our quality cleaning accessories, will allow you to clean your marine craft from top to bottom with one unique cleaning product and competitively priced detailing accessories,  saving you time and money, while ensuring protection from the elements which would, otherwise, negatively affect your boat over time.

a. What is the importance of washing a boat?
The exterior of your boat is subjected to a multitude of environmental elements and dirt from continuous use and exposure. To protect it and maintain its’ value, you need to clean it frequently. To ensure a top notch visual apperance, the surfaces must be properly cleaned with quality cleaning accessories and the finish protected with a high-quality product. Oxidation, grease, mold, mildew, dirt and other contaminants can destroy, and exposure to UV can decay, the various surfaces. Lustrelab® BoatWash & Shine (BW&S) resolves all of these issues in one simple, time and money saving effort.

b. What are the differences in washing a freshwater craft as opposed to a salt water one?
Salt water is heavier and contains many more salts(chlorides) and minerals which can erode painted and metal surfaces more readily than fresh water. When you’ve had your boat in saltwater, it is imperative that you wash your boat immediately after removal.

c. What are the environmental factors that negatively affect your boat over time if you do not clean it?
The biggest culprits are Sun Fade, Acid Rain and Salt Build Up.

d. Should you also wash jet skis, canoes, paddle boats, etc.?
Soap and wax cleaning jet ski, paddle boat, and other small water craftYes - Keeping these watercraft clean, maintains their value and improves longevity. BoatWashandShine's signature BW&S product and cleaning accessories work great on all types of watercraft including; jet skies, kayaks, canoes, paddle boats, paddle boards, and more. For small craft, such as these, we recommend one of our smaller, handheld Captain's Choice™, brushes, sponges or wash mitts; to aide in the cleaning process. These types of water craft are commonly used in freshwater lakes, but at times they are used in the ocean. If you use your craft in salt water, it is essential that you clean it immediately. Using BW&S will not only remove the salt & grime, it will polish the surface adding protection against the corrosive nature of salt water in future.

e. What basic supplies will you need to wash a boat?
Depending on the size of your marine craft, you will need a water source, hose, Hi-Tech® Industries Industrial Spray Nozzle & bucket and/or pressure washer. For larger craft, may we suggest our Hi-Tech® Industries, High-Pressure Foam Cannon. A sponge, wash mitt or brush is also needed. When using BW&S, you can eliminate, other special washes, polishes, waxes, hull cleaners, deck cleaners, stain removers, glass, plastic and vinyl cleaners, as well as chrome, steel and aluminum cleaners and polishes.

f. What is the best approach to washing a boat?
Wash it in sections. On the exterior, wash from top to bottom and front to back. Interior wash front to back (for a detailed description, check out our post titled “Wash Instructions”).

g. When and how frequently should you wash a boat? (i.e. before winter storage)
Wash your boat after extended use on the water. Wash it on a schedule (at least once a month if used frequently). Wash it before storing to preserve the painted/ coated surfaces over the storage period. If you’re boating in saltwater, wash your boat immediately following each use. Lustrelab®'s BoatWash & Shine makes this task simple, easy and cost effective!

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