Three Ways To Wash and Shine Your Marine Craft

3 Ways Wash Boat With Boat Wash and Shine Boat Soap and Wax

There are several factors that you may want to consider when deciding how best  to clean your boat. One of these is the size of the boat or water craft. If you have a smaller boat (under 20 feet) or a small water craft, such as a SeaDoo, using a bucket and sponge might be ideal. However, if you have a larger boat, or you own a boat detailing business, you will want a way to clean your boat that is not as time consuming, as doing it by hand. Regardless of the method you choose, Lustrelab® Marine BoatWash & Shine will simplify the job. Following are three methods our customers commonly follow to clean their boats.

Using a Bucket, Brush and LustreLab® Marine BoatWash & Shine:

Washing Boat With Bucket Sponge and Boat Wash and ShineSome boat enthusiasts, particularly those with smaller watercraft, may choose to go the basic "Bucket and Brush" route. If so, you'll want to mix 3-4 ounces of Lustrelab® BoatWash & Shine (BW&S) thoroughly in a 2-gallon bucket, rinse the boat and then, using one of our Captain's Choice™ brush's and/or sponge's/mitt's, wash all surfaces on the craft.  You'll probably want to divide the task into sections, making sure to rinse each section thoroughly, using our Industrial Spray Nozzle, before the wash has a chance to dry. BW&S not only cleans your boat, the Acrylionic® Formula polishes your boat as well, eliminating the need for Waxing. Unlike wax, BoatWash & Shine will not cause the water to bead. Instead, you will witness an amazing sheeting action created on the gelcoat, glass and other surfaces; essentially eliminating the need for drying.  For stains and mildewed areas, apply Lustrelab® Boat Wash and Shine full strength, allow it to soak in for 10-15 minutes, then work in with a brush or sponge and rinse thoroughly.


Using Lustrelab®'s Proprietary Triple Action Foaming Wash-Gun:

 Regardless of the size of your craft, you may want to invest in our proprietary Spray Nozzle, designed specifically for the thick nature of our product. This nozzle is equipped with a 4 ounce mixing container and has three settings: 1) Rinse, 2) Mix and 3) Foam. The need for a bucket is eliminated with this unique spray nozzle. All you'll need is the nozzle, and one of our Captain's Choice™ brushes and/or wash mitts. Simply fill the attached soap container with Lustrelab® Marine BoatWash & Shine and get to work!! You may, once again, want to tackle the job in sections. First turn the nozzle to "Spray" and rinse the boat thoroughly to remove as much dirt and grime as possible and reduce the possibility of scratching your boat's surface. Next, turn the nozzle to "Mix" and apply a nice BW&S/water mixture to your boat, in sections. Work in with a brush or sponge and rinse thoroughly. For tougher, heavily soiled areas like scum lines, turn the nozzle to "Foam". Apply foam, allow to soak, work in with a brush or sponge and rinse. If you run across some truly stubborn stains, apply full strength, allow to soak in for 10-15 minutes, then work in with a brush and/or sponge and rinse thoroughly.

Foam Cannon and Pressure Washer

Wash Boat Foam Cannon Pressure Washer Lustrelab Boat Soap and WaxWhen it comes to larger craft, a pressure washer is worth its weight in gold! If you have access to a pressure washer, when tackling larger craft, you’ll also want to invest in our Hi-Tech® Industries, High Pressure Foam Cannon. If possible, park your boat in the shade and avoid midday heat. This will allow you more time to wash/scrub the various surfaces, prior to the soap drying. Fill the Foam Cannon mixing container with 3-4 ounces of BW&S. Once again, you'll want to work in sections. First, rinse a section of the boat thoroughly with freshwater. Then, using the Foam Cannon, apply a thick, foam layer of Lustrelab® Marine BoatWash & Shine. Work in using a Captain's Choice™ brush, wash mitt or sponge to further intensify the cleaning properties and polishing action of the product. Continue section by section until you've completed all surfaces of your watercraft. If you run across some tough stains, apply BW&S full strength, allow it to soak in for 10-15 minutes, then work in with a brush and/or sponge and rinse thoroughly.


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