Boat Washing and Drying Supllies

There are several options for washing and drying your boat. Regardless of your approach, a Lustrelab®/Captain's Choice™ sponge or wash mitt are great options for removing dirt and grime. Using a micro fiber drying towel is a great choice when drying your boat, as it protects the boat's clear/gel coat, while efficiently soaking up water.

Best Boat Cleaning, Washing, and Drying Product

1. What makes an excellent choice for a washing mitt, sponge or drying towel?

Your choice is much easier when you're cleaning and shining product is all-in-one! Depending on the surfaces you wish to clean/detail, we have selected a variety of top quality wash mitts, drying towels and sponges for you to choose from. When choosing a wash mitt, durability, water retention and scratch resistance are key. Sponges should be low density in order to retain a high volume of water and soap. Drying towels should be highly absorbent and scratch resistant.

Regardless of your choice - 1) Rinsing the surface thoroughly and 2) Using a clean applicator are a must. Chenille Mitts are perfect for removing dirt while minimizing the chance that your gel coat will be damaged. The worm-like, micro-fiber strands minimize friction and make it easier to - 1) Pick up dirt, vs. sliding it across the surface, as well as 2)Release dirt, when submerged in water.  When cleaning Isinglass, use Lustrelab® Marine BoatWash & Shine and a clean mitt that is designated for this job only. Micro Fiber towels are soft and highly absorbent, making them a great choice for drying any surface. 

2. Why are there so many different wash mitts, sponges and drying towels to choose from?

Today's retail market/consumer demands loads of options.  However, all you really need are a few, high quality selections and we've got you covered! Many of your boat's surfaces may only require Lustrelab®'s basic, high-retention sponge. However, for surfaces that are more prone to scratches or areas of your boat that are more difficult to get to, you may wish to use a wash mitt. When using Lustrelab® Marine BoatWash & Shine, towel drying is optional. However, if you're contending with a large amount of water, try our Captain's Choice™, Zorb-It Pro Jumbo Synthetic Boat Drying Cloth. If you prefer towel drying or you're looking to polish your chrome railings, for instance, our Captain's Choice™, Ultra Plush White Microfiber Towel is an excellent choice!!

3. When would you choose to use a sponge as opposed to using a wash mitt?

Boat Detailers may prefer to use a wash mitt as the mitt allows the detailer to use his/her fingers inside the mitt to clean and shine harder to reach areas on the boat. Our Captain's Choice™, Microfiber Chenille Boat Wash Mitt, with its' micro fiber strands, will minimize the risk of scratching. If you're dealing with gasoline, or solvents and you're looking for durability, our Captain's Choice™,  Synthetic Boat Washing Mitt, is the best option. Use Lustrelab®'s High Retention Sponge when your goal is to transfer high volumes of sudsy water to areas that are less prone to scratching. If you're contending with bugs, our Captain's Choice™ Triple Action Boat Groomer Sponge is exactly what you're looking for. 

4. How do you best use a sponge, wash mitt and/or drying towel when detailing different parts of your boat?

First and foremost, when washing a boat, always use a clean applicator!! Prior to washing a surface, first rinse it thoroughly, then saturate your sponge or wash mitt completely with your wash/water mixture. When you're finished, rinse thoroughly, squeeze out as much water as possible and allow to air dry. Microfiber towels are great for drying and polishing, but a dirty towel can be a disaster as well. All of our Captain's Choice™ wash mitts and towels are machine washable. We recommend that you wash them separately, from other laundry, in order to keep them free of lent and debris.

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Lustrelab®, High Retention Boat Washing Sponge

Lustrelab®’s boat washing sponge is a high retention, low density, highly absorbent, polyurethane washing sponge. When used with the Lustrelab® Marine Boat Wash and Shine Acrylionic® Boat Wash, its reservoirs will...
Boat Cleaning SuppliesBoat Washing and Drying

Captain's Choice Deluxe Microfiber Boat Washing Detailing Towels ICM-DDT-50-3

3 pack of deluxe 15" x 25" Microfiber Detailing Towels by Captain's Choice. Use these plush microfiber cloths for polishing, waxing, cleaning, drying and dusting. They even work great in...
Boat Cleaning SuppliesBoat Washing and Drying

Captain's Choice™, Ultra Plush White Microfiber Towel ICM HT-UP1616-W

Captain's Choice™ Ultra Plush, White, Microfiber Towel. Perfect for washing, polishing, drying, and removing wax residue. Size: 16" x 16" White ultra plush microfiber towel Ideal for removing wax residue
Boat Cleaning SuppliesBoat Washing and Drying

Captain's Choice™, Zorb-It Pro Jumbo Synthetic Boat Drying Cloth ICM-SX-720T

This Captain's Choice™ 24" X 30" Premium Synthetic Drying Cloth is highly absorbent and glides easily while drying. Jumbo professional size (Full 5 sq. ft.). Rinse thoroughly and you're ready...
Boat Cleaning SuppliesBoat Washing and Drying

Captain's Choice™, Synthetic Boat Washing Mitt ICM-811

Captain's Choice™ ICM-811 Synthetic Wash Mitt for cleaning and washing boats and marine craft surfaces. This washing mitt measures 8 in. x 11 in. and is made from heavy duty,...
Boat Cleaning SuppliesBoat Washing and Drying

Captain's Choice™, Microfiber Chenille Boat Wash Mitt ICM-MCM-911

Captain's Choice™ ICM-MCM-911 boat washing mitt is made of plush ultra soft microfiber chenille and features an elastic cuff to stay on your hand while cleaning. The super-absorbent, super-soft, microfiber chenille...
Boat Cleaning SuppliesBoat Washing and Drying

Captain's Choice™, Triple Action Boat Groomer Sponge ICM-965

Captain's Choice™ Triple Action Boat Groomer ICM-965 offers three features in one boat washing sponge. The absorbent poly sponge hold large amounts of soapy water making washing a breeze. The...