Boat washing foam cannon and water hose nozzle

If you own a large boat or a boat detailing business, the time required for cleaning a marine craft is a huge concern. Washing  boats with a bucket and sponge is not only going to leave you worn out, if you're washing boats for a living, the time required will severely limit the number of boats you can detail in any given day. Lustrelab® BoatWash & Shine's high viscosity formula is perfect for use with a High-Pressure Foam Cannon. You can cover large areas quickly, applying a thick foam which penetrates dirt and grime quickly, thus greatly reducing the time required to complete the task at hand! 

If you own a smaller boat, all you need is our quality spray nozzle, hose, bucket and Lustrelab® BoatWash and Shine; and you're on your way to a fantastically clean boat that shines, as if it's been waxed, and is protected from the elements!!

Boat Detailing Nozzle and Soap Cannon Supplies

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Boat Cleaning SuppliesFoam Cannons and Nozzles

Hi-Tech® Industries, High Pressure Foam Cannon TFG-1L

HIGH PRESSURE FOAM CANNON/SPRAY NOZZLE Hi-Tech® Industries, High Pressure Foam Cannon is ideal for large boats, high production boat cleaning, boat dealerships and detail shops. This Cannon is perfect for...
Boat Cleaning SuppliesFoam Cannons and Nozzles

Hi-Tech® Industries, Industrial Hose Nozzle Sprayer SP-010

Hi-Tech® Industries 6 in. length, industrial water spray nozzle easily screws on to the end of any hose making boat washing simple. Extra Heavy duty, industrial, high pressure spray gun...