Boat Brush Clean Wash

Brushes are great for removing all sorts of dirt and stains off your boat. Hand held brushes help remove tough stains, and ground in dirt, while long handled brushes allow you to clean larger/hard to reach areas, in a more efficient manner.

To properly clean your boat's hull, deck, seats, and other areas; with Lustrelab® Marine BoatWash & Shine, you will need a brush designed for the job. Generally speaking, brushes, with soft/medium bristles, are designed to clean the hull (and seating area) without damaging the gelcoat/paint. Meanwhile, brushes with stiffer bristles are great for cleaning the deck and for accessing hard to reach places, or removing difficult stains.

Type Of Boat Cleaning Brushes To Clean The Hull, Deck & Other Parts Of Your Boat

1. What makes a good boat and or deck cleaning brush?

After carefully reviewing the numerous brush options available for the boating industry, BoatWash and Shine has selected Captain's Choice™, the best brush options based on the quality of the bristles, the design of the brush head and the longevity of the brushes over years of use. Captain's Choice™ brush heads are equipped with bumper's to minimize contact with the boat's surfaces. They are durable and a very good value for the money. Our Noghair Multi-Level Boat Wash Brush, similar to genuine hog hair, is soft, long lasting and really holds the soap . The multi level design minimizes the risk of the brush block contacting your boat.

2. Why are there different bristle types on brushes?

Brush bristles range from super soft to extremely stiff, depending on their intended use. Captain's Choice™ soft to medium bristle brushes are best for use on interior and exterior gelcoat surfaces of your boat. Stiffer bristle brushes are best used on the flooring/decking surfaces. For tougher mildew or stained surfaces, apply Lustrelab® BoatWash & Shine full strength, allow it to soak in, and wash thoroughly with the appropriate Captain's Choice™ brush for the job.

3. When would you use a soft bristle brush as opposed to a medium or hard bristle brush?

BoatWash and Shine recommends that customers initially use a soft bristle brush, with or without a handle, depending on the area to be cleaned and shined. Use of hard, stiffer bristle brushes (like our Captain's Choice Deck Brush or handheld Pointed Stiff Poly Bristle Brush) should be reserved for decking surfaces or areas that may require deeper scrubbing.

4. How to use brush heads to maximize efficiency when washing different parts of a boat (i.e. the deck, the seats, the hull, etc.)?

The brushes recommended and sold by BoatWash and Shine, with the exception of the handheld scrub brush, are all best used with a standard, screw in, 4ft - 6ft or extension handle; that can be purchased at any grocery or home improvement store. Using the brush with the appropriate handle allows the boat detailer to access hard to reach surfaces, as well as apply significant friction when soaping and shining their boat with Lustrelab® BoatWash & Shine.

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Hi-Tech® Industries, Noghair Multi-Level Boat Wash Brush TB-14X3CR

Hi-Tech® Industries, Noghair® Multi-Level Wash Brush TB-14X3CR is made of a soft, high quality, long lasting synthetic fiber which gives you all of the benefits and performance of genuine hog...
Boat Cleaning BrushesBoat Cleaning Supplies

Captain's Choice™, Deluxe Soft Boat Washing Brush ICM-750

Captain's Choice™ deluxe, soft boat washing and detailing brush. The deluxe M-750 boat hull and deck brush features 3 inch soft bristles attached to a protective upper bumper block which...
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Captain's Choice™, Deluxe Firm Boat Washing Brush ICM-753

Captain's Choice™ boat deck washing and scrubbing brush. The deluxe M-753 boat hull and deck brush features 3 inch firm bristles attached to a protective upper bumper block which protects...
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Captain's Choice™, Commercial Deck Boat Washing Brush ICM-785

Captain's Choice™ ICM-785 is a Commercial Boat Deck Washing Brush with stiff bristles. Size: 2-1/2" x 10" Bristles: Very Stiff, Chemical Resistant, Polypropylene Bristle The Threaded Hole will accept any standard...
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Captain's Choice™, Pointed Stiff Poly Bristle Boat Washing Brush ICM-735

Captain's Choice™ ICM-735 - Pointed Scrub, Stiff Poly Bristle Brush used for washing and scrubbing boats and marine watercraft. Great, durable, handheld brush for detailing and getting in corners and...