Lustrelab® Marine BoatWash & Shine: All-In-One Patented Boat Soap and Polish

Patented Boat Soap and Wax All In One

Normally washing and waxing a boat is an extremely laborious task. You first have to thoroughly wash your boat with specially designed boat soap and numerous other cleaning products. After washing your boat, you will need to thoroughly dry it, taking care to remove any water spots. Only after drying is complete, can you begin to wax. In 99% of cases, waxing is "hands down" the most difficult and time consuming part of cleaning a boat. You must not only apply the wax, you then have to meticulously remove it from the boat's hull. Both applying and removing boat wax can be tedious at best, when done by hand. Powered buffers can drastically reduce the time and effort required. However, using a power buffer requires special care and skill in order to prevent damaging the boat's clear or gel coat. Heavily oxidized paint finishes also require the application of a strong cleaner polish, designed for removing the oxidation, prior to waxing and buffing.

As long time boat owners, we understand your pain. Lustrelab® Marine BoatWash & Shine was developed to address these very issues.  Lustrelab®’s unique Acrylionic® Polish, proprietary chemistry, is made from acrylic; a strong, protective cleaner and coating. Years of research have gone into developing our unique, patented boat cleaning formula, that's not only a multi-surface boat soap, but also serves as a boat wax. With each wash, Lustrelab® Marine BoatWash & Shine Acrylionic® Polish formula, removes light oxidation and dirt from the divots and cracks in the surface of your gel or paint coating and repairs/ fortifies the coating, while increasing the level of shine with each use. Marine BoatWash & Shine Cleans, Renews, Protects and Shines each time you use it! (Exhibit-1).


Marine Boat Wash & Shine's Protective Coating Is Better Than Boat Wax

BoatWash & Shine sheets water off of your coated finish. This eliminates water spotting, caused by dirt accumulation that is trapped in water beads, produces by traditional wax. It also allows the washed surface to dry streak- free, reducing the need for towel drying (Exhibit –2). Scientific photos, taken from a painted surface test application, prove that traditional washes and waxes create a high angle of water contact, resulting in more surface tension and less wet-ability. This causes water beading that traps and collects dirt (Exhibit –3).  Lustrelab®’s innovative Acrylionic® Polish chemistry increases surface wet-ability, by decreasing the angle that water contacts the surface, creating a strong tendency for water sheeting (Exhibit –4). This water sheeting action helps repel dirt.

Marine BoatWash & Shine is environmentally friendly, readily biodegradable, and contains no petroleum distillates; making it an eco-friendly way to clean your boat from top to bottom.

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