Use Lustrelab® BoatWash & Shine to Reinvent your Boat Detailing Business!

Boat Cleaning Services Save Time and Money With Boat Wash and Shine Soap and Wax
We’ll go over some of the pain points of owning a professional boat detailing business and explain how BoatWashandShine can help you resolve them.

A. As You Well Know, The TIME That It Takes To Detail A Boat Can Determine Whether You Make Or Lose Money.

LL Boat Wash Shine Soap and Wax Saves Time and MoneyLustrelab® Boat Wash & Shine (BW&S) eliminates steps, thus significantly reducing the time required to complete a job. BW&S allows you to wash and wax a boat, from top to bottom, with a single product. It can be applied full strength to tough stains and buildup, and allowed to work it’s magic while you continue to wash other areas of the boat. The Acrylionic® Formula fills the microscopic crevices of the boat’s surface, with an acrylic polish, as you wash. The result is an amazing shine which improves with each use, thus completely eliminating the need for waxing/polishing and subsequent buffing. Furthermore, it produces a sheeting action, which eliminates water spots thus reducing, if not eliminating, the need for towel drying the various surfaces. 

B. Boats Are Generally Washed Only Once A Year

Boat Washed Once a YearBoats are often stored outdoors, or even in the water; thus, they are constantly exposed to the elements. Nonetheless, many boat owners only have their boats detailed once per year. When the boat finally makes it to the detailer, there is a great deal of work to be done. So, finding a professional, experienced detailer is key!!

You are their guy!! As we’ve described above, Lusterlab® BoatWash & Shine cleans and shines the entire surface of the boat, making your job substantially easier and ensuring a quick turnaround for your customer. However, it also protects the boat from salt build up, sun fade & acid rain, substantially increasing customer satisfaction and further establishing your business as the “Go To” detailer for that customer in the future.

C. Starting a Boat Detailing Business Requires a Significant Investment

Materials and Equipment Needed To Start Boat Cleaning BusinessWhen considering the investment required to start a boat detailing business, products alone can add up to a significant investment, i.e. - Boat Wash, Hull Cleaner, Metal Polish, Glass Cleaner/Anti-Fog, Black Mark Remover, Vinyl Cleaner/Protector, Boat Wax, etc. In addition, you’ll need Scrub Brushes, a high-speed Polisher/Buffer, Buffing Pads, Polishing/Drying Clothes, etc..

With Lustrelab® Marine BoatWash & Shine, you can wash all surfaces of your boat, inside and out, with a single product. BW&S will clean Fiberglass, Gelcoat, Clear Coat, Aluminum, Steel, Coated Wood, Teak, Glass and Vinyl surfaces; eliminating the need for multiple products, and NO WAXING means no expensive Polishing/Buffing Equipment. The bottom line is, you can increase your profits, without compromising the quality of your service.

BoatWashandShine also offers a variety of high quality, very competitively priced, Captain's Choice™ Brushes, Sponges, Mitts and Synthetic Towels as well as a Hi-Tech® Industries, Industrial Spray Nozzle. Our mission is to provide all of your cleaning essentials, at a significant cost savings to you. 

D. Washing Larger Boats and Yachts Can Be An Incredibly Daunting Task.

Pressure Washer Foam Cannon Boat Washing Business Need Large BoatsBW&S proves particularly timesaving when it comes to washing larger Marine Craft. The extremely thick formula is perfect for use in our Hi-Tech® Industries, High Pressure Foam Cannon, or with our proprietary Triple-Action Foaming Wash-Gun. The extra thick foam that is produced, via a Foam Cannon attached to a pressure washer, covers large areas and cuts through dirt and grime, greatly reducing the need for scrubbing. Whereas, our Triple-Action Foaming Wash-Gun, allows you to produce a significant amount of foam as well, without the need for a pressure washer attachment. In either case, you can work more efficiently and kiss your bucket goodbye!
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